Security Audit and Quality Assurance

The provision of a professional, effective and knowledgeable security team instils confidence, leads the company by example and provides the frontline of defence for the protection of assets. Dobson Owens will review the existing processes, procedures and compliance by your in-house team or external security provider in line with industry standards, company policy/procedure and any tender specifications/requirement.

This service is available to companies wishing to review existing security efficiencies or service providers as reassurance of standards to their clients.

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Security Survey and Risk Analysis

Dobson Owens understand the fundamental principles that underpin every security design. The full or partial site survey service will evaluate the effectiveness of existing security systems and processes and develop recommendations to produce an optimally configured security programme that is in harmony with the culture of the organisation and its mission objectives. This will include optimising existing security resources in order to achieve greatest risk mitigation at an economical cost.

Where relevant, compliance with legislative requirements or industry standards is also analysed.

On completion, a full Executive Report will be prepared to include:

  • Crime analysis
  • Company specific threat, impact and security risk analysis
  • Physical resilience
  • Vulnerability analysis
  • Short, medium and long-term recommendations
  • Where requested, an Operational Requirement/specification can also be prepared

Security Planning

Dobson Owens will prepare a Security Plan that will assist in protecting assets whilst supporting organisational culture and operational needs. This will include:

  • Development of a security strategy that is fit for purpose and pragmatic to the needs of the organisation
  • Development of a Security Policy underpinned through key baseline standards.
  • Development of supporting security procedures for all areas of organisation.
  • Development of training plan for the mentoring of security supervision, and also awareness, good practice and safe working programmes for all staff

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