Security Risk Management & Assessment

Dobson Owens are a highly respected Security Risk Management & Assessment specialist.

Dobson Owens understand the fundamental principles that underpin every security risk assessment and design. Our full or partial site security risk assessment and survey service will evaluate the effectiveness of existing security systems, (physical and procedural), and processes to develop recommendations that then produce an optimally configured security programme that is in harmony with the culture of the organisation and its mission objectives.

This will include optimising existing security resources in order to achieve the greatest security risk mitigation at an economical cost.

Security Survey and Risk Analysis

This process is based on a ‘best practice’ basis to establish whether assets are exposed to threats and how any vulnerabilities in physical, procedural or cultural security may increase risk.

It is an especially useful tool for:

  • Growing companies to determine how the risk environment is changing with growth.
  • Companies where a loss, incident or crime has occurred to ascertain contributing factors and actions to increase resilience and prevent a reoccurrence.
  • Companies moving, renovating or opening new premises.

Where relevant, compliance with legislative requirements or industry standards is also analysed.

Dobson Owens advocate a common sense but powerful policy; “putting security on the agenda, before it becomes the agenda!”.  This is all part of our professional security risk management solution.

On completion, a full Executive ‘Security Risk Management & Assessment Report’ will be prepared to include:

  • Crime risk analysis
  • Company specific threat, impact and security risk analysis
  • Physical resilience risk analysis
  • Vulnerability risk analysis
  • Short, medium and long-term recommendations
  • Where requested, an Operational Requirement / specification can also be prepared via our Security Considerations Assessment (SCA)

Security Risk Management

Security risk management from Dobson Owen security consultants provides the best possible protection for our clients industrial and commercial property, along with their employees and physical assets and information.

Our risk management consultants deeply understand how threats emerge thus are extremely effective in, minimising the likelihood and impact of any attack, helping our clients develop and manage a framework that protects their property and their people.

Once the key risks are highlighted and mitigation installed, we will support organisations with the provision of tools to allow ongoing assessment.

We aim to educate staff and management so they understand the threats presented, the impact they may have on the organisation, the likelihood of occurrence and how these may change over time. Dobson Owens can provide periodic review to further support this process as required.

With the Global increase in terrorism and civil unrest there has never been a more critical time to review the risks your property and people maybe facing. An urgent review of your risk management process should be high on your list of priorities in any senior management discussions.

Dobson Owens understand the fact that effective security risk assessment cannot be applied from a template or one size fits all methodology. Every solution we offer our clients is bespoke to their needs, considering the uniqueness of their risk management process and needs.

Want to find out more about our services?

If you would like to know more about any of our security agency services or policy development support, please get in touch using the contact form or on 0191 375 0073.
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