Security Planning

Minimising the impact of crime on business continuity via effective security planning.

Dobson Owens will prepare effective security planning for your business that will assist in protecting assets whilst supporting organisational culture and operational needs. We will help you develop a business security plan that covers design, implementation, monitoring, reviewing and continual improvement.

An effective organisational or building security plan demonstrates the correct approach, roles, responsibilities and resources needed to mitigate any security risks. Our methodology will include a full assessment of the site, business, operations and culture with equal emphasis on the physical, procedural and personnel attributes of the organisation. Where possible, we will devise quick wins to immediately add resilience, but then assist in planning more long term, robust strategies and policies that will build good security practice and awareness into everyday operations.

The Dobson Owens approach will present clear security plan definitions including:

Development of a security strategy

The security strategy will highlight the key risks faced by the organisation with consideration to location(s), industry and size as well as any threats or vulnerabilities that immediately present. The strategy will be pragmatic in establishing goals in line with constraints and resources, and suitably dynamic to address any emerging threats. Physical, procedural and cultural elements will be adopted to establish an holistic approach to security planning.

Development of a Security Policy

This will be an overarching policy that is bespoke to the organisation to include relevant sub-sections that detail responsibilities, protection/prevention measures and good practice. The Security Policy will be underpinned through key baseline standards that address hardware, procedural and cultural/compliance requirements resulting in an effective site security management plan.

Development of supporting security procedures for all areas of organisation.

Robust procedure and compliance of staff are key to a successful organisational or building security plan. Dobson Owens will ensure these are robust, clear and facilitate effective operations. 

Development of training plan

Staff awareness of security issues and how they can impact productivity and business continuity is key. If staff understand why a procedure is in place, they are more likely to comply with it. We will develop a business security plan that will allow for the mentoring of security supervision (where relevant), and also awareness, good practice and safe working programmes for all staff

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