Security Design

Effective bespoke security design, build it in, don’t build it on.

Dobson Owens will lead security design projects and secure by design system developments for new builds, renovations or upgrades/replacement equipment including CCTV, access management and building intruder systems.

We pride ourselves on using fundamental security design principles to ensure concepts are fit for purpose and secure by design. Our security solutions address the key risks to the site and are in line with budgetary parameters. The secure by design proposal will incorporate the identification of performance and success criteria to ensure clarity on installation and post project/ongoing testing and audit.

We provide security assessment solutions that are in harmony with company operations to enable safe and secure business practices, improved resilience whilst reducing the risks to critical assets.

When a secure by design approach is taken from the outset when undertaking a new build or major refurbishment the impact is considerable;

  • Upto 87% reduction in theft from burglaries on new build premises *
  • Upto 61% reduction in theft from burglaries on major refurbished premises *

We consider such essential aspects as the layout of communal spaces, use of lighting, perimeter security and landscape planting to highlight the secure design decisions that could reduce the likelihood and impact of crime.

Where required, Dobson Owens will prepare professionally presented Operational Requirements or system specifications alongside our security design recommendations, with relevant performance criteria, that can be used within a tendering process. This allows the submission of consistent security designs from contractors for a more transparent and consistent security assessment of costs as well as clearer identification of added value components.

Dobson Owens will also assist contractors in the development of security management reports and tender submissions.

* Reference: 2019 Police Crime Prevention Initiatives Limited © –

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