Security Audit and Quality Assurance

Our professional, effective and knowledgeable security team instills confidence.

System Audit

Business and industrial security systems should be designed and specified in line with the desired performance and success criteria – i.e. what will the system need to achieve once installed and how does this correlate to the vulnerabilities and risks identified?

Over time, operations change and equipment ages and as such, it is essential to audit the systems via an effective security site survey to ensure they are still achieving the performance criteria originally set, are cost effective and continue to add value to the organisation.

Dobson Owens can audit physical systems, policies, procedures and training arrangements to ensure the best possible industrial security, with the lowest security risk and most practical management, whilst still addressing the original requirements and those of an evolving organisation and risk environment. Where performance and success criteria have not been set by previous contractors, we will develop these to facilitate effective ongoing risk & security management and assessment of practices.

The Dobson Owens approach will present clear security plan definitions including:

Service Audit and Quality Assurance

The provision of a professional, effective and knowledgeable security team instils confidence, leads the company by example and provides the frontline of defence for the protection of assets. Dobson Owens will review the existing processes, procedures and compliance via our security site survey checklist with your in-house team or external security provider in line with industry standards, company policy/procedure and any tender specifications/SLA.

Whilst not an exhaustive list, our security health check can include:

  • Staffing levels
  • Patrol methodology and frequency
  • Control room operations/CCTV monitoring and testing
  • Incident response and escalation procedures
  • Lock down procedures and intruder alarm management/monitoring
  • Key handling
  • Safe working practices
  • Visitor/contractor management and controlling access
  • ID card compliance
  • Customer service/engagement and appearance.     

Organisational Compliance

We can assist in troubleshooting management issues and poor compliance with security procedures on a departmental or organisational level through the development of robust policy and a communication and training/awareness strategy. We do this via our tried and tested security audit.

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