Robust Standard Operating Procedures help to maintain consistency of services

Procedures/Assignment and Site Instructions/Duty Instructions

Operating procedures are an essential part of any security operation and create efficiencies within staffing resource and effectiveness of systems.

Having effective, influential and knowledgeable staff is key and Dobson Owens will provide a training analysis with all standard operating procedures. The correct training will increase staff confidence, morale and allow them to actively contribute to any further development.

Assignment/Site/Duty Instructions

We can help in-house and external service providers produce full Assignment, Site or Duty Instructions. Strong, professionally developed and presented instructions provide reference assistance for staff and add value to contract or tender specifications, forming robust standard operating procedures. These can be developed to include generic guidance and escalations procedures to site specific nuances and customer information.

Dobson Owens also offer an audit/quality assurance service that will ensure staff are fully aware, trained and follow these instructions to ensure compliance along with standard operating procedure examples and templates.

Standard Operating Procedures

It is vital robust Standard Operating Procedures are developed and managed to help to maintain consistency of service, clarify expectations of staff and identify individual training needs. Dobson Owens will develop robust procedures specific to the client.

The following are some standard operating procedure examples, but if there is something in particular you require, please get in touch:

  • CCTV operating
  • CCTV review
  • Visitor procedures
  • Emergency response
  • Interview processes
  • Patrolling
  • Access Control
  • Contractor management
  • Key management
  • Mobile radio procedures
  • Lock down procedures
  • Car parking enforcement
  • Control room

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