Security Policy

Policy is key in ensuring any security processes or risk mitigation is focussed correctly and fully supports organisational goals. A correctly constructed security policy will highlight the most appropriate mix of hardware, procedures and personnel and provide guidance to your organisation as to how security measures will be implemented, and your business community’s responsibilities in this regard.

Dobson Owens will support clients in producing bespoke policies that will support the day to day activities and operations and help create a strong security culture within the organisational community.

Security Policy

Dobson Owens can develop an overarching policy bespoke to the organisation to include relevant sub-sections that detail responsibilities, protection/prevention measures and good practice.

Access Management Policy

This policy will outline how access will be managed within the organisation.

For example, this may relate to vehicular, staff, contractor, customer or visitor access, temporal considerations or electronic access control systems.

CCTV Policy

Any organisation that operates CCTV must, by law, have a CCTV Policy and demonstrate on an annual basis, a legitimate need for their system. The introduction of the GDPR in May 2018 includes CCTV as data that should be appropriately managed and secured.

Vehicle Access and Parking Policy

This policy outlines how vehicles may access a property and any parking restrictions or enforcement in place.

Other Policies

This list is not exhaustive and if there is something you would like us to develop, please get in touch.

Key Management Policy
Bomb/Suspicious Mail Policy
Workplace Violence Policy
Alcohol and Drugs Policy

Information Security Policies (Various)

Get in touch to discuss your policy needs.

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