Crime Impact Statement

Support building planning with an effective Crime Impact Statement

Dobson Owens can prepare an executive standard Crime Impact Statement (CIS) to support planning applications for new builds, developments and renovations. As independent consultants we can offer an unbiased, professional assessment and subsequent guidance based upon thorough research and expertise regarding testing standards.

The impact statement format will include:

A proposal overview

The impact statement will include an analysis of the proposed building(s) or development site, its primary purpose and size. We will also evaluate the surrounding area and external influences that may impact the project.

Crime Analysis

A full crime analysis will be completed to establish existing trends in immediate locality and neighbouring areas of the development, policing priorities and any crime that is specific to the industry/proposed use of the site.

The crime impact statement will be produced following a full evaluation of the subsequent positive or negative impact that the proposal may have on local crime.

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

The report will also assess the proposed development against the principles of CPTED to offer proposals to reduce opportunities and the negative perception or fear of crime.


Based on the previous analysis, recommendations will be provided to maximise security efficiencies of the building both during construction and operational phases. Build considerations will be in-line with Secured by Design test standards and British/PAS standards that will assist an application for Secured by Design accreditation should it be desired.

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