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Dobson Owens are an independent security consultancy based in County Durham that specialise in security planning, audit, survey, policy and procedures. We are committed to providing an exceptional customer experience, company specific reporting, and cost-effective delivery. We guarantee a professional, impartial consultancy service that is flexible and focused on customer needs.

Our Services

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Risk Management & Security Survey

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Security Design

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Policy development

Why choose
Dobson Owens

Dobson Owens are passionate about security and will assist clients in achieving high security standards that will aid the protection of company assets, including the provision of a safe and secure environment for their people.

Being fully independent, Dobson Owens will robustly represent the interests of our clients and provide objective and impartial advice. We pride ourselves on understanding the specific requirements and risk profile of customers and will ensure any security solution accommodates company culture, policy and is operationally sound.

The Benefits of
Independent Consultancy

Independent consultants have no allegiance to specific manufacturers, services and suppliers. As such, they can provide cost-effective and unbiased advice that is bespoke to customer needs.


Policy is key in ensuring any security processes or risk mitigation is focussed correctly and fully supports organisational goals. A correctly constructed security policy will highlight the most appropriate mix of hardware, procedures and personnel and provide guidance to your organisation as to how security measures will be implemented, and your business community’s responsibilities in this regard.

Ensuring high security standards

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If you would like to know more about any of our services or policies, please get in touch using the contact form or on 0191 375 0073.