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UK based security risk management and security survey specialist.

Dobson Owens is an independent security consultancy based in County Durham that offers services throughout the UK and beyond. We specialise in security risk management, security survey, security system design and security planning development/troubleshooting.

As a leading building security consultant, our security agency services cover everything you need to help make your building and employees secure.

We are committed to providing an exceptional customer experience, company-specific reporting, and cost-effective security consultation delivery. We guarantee a professional, impartial security consultancy service that is flexible and focused on customer needs.

Our Services

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Security Risk Management & Assessment

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Security Design

Security Planning

Security Audit and Quality Assurance

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Policy Development

Crime Impact Statement

Why choose
Dobson Owens

Dobson Owens are experienced security consultants and passionate about security. We will assist clients in achieving high-security standards that will aid the protection of company assets, including the provision of a safe and secure environment for their people.

Being fully independent security consultants in the UK, Dobson Owens will robustly represent the interests of our clients and provide objective and impartial advice. We pride ourselves on understanding the specific requirements and risk profile of customers and will ensure any security agency solution accommodates company culture, policy and is operationally sound.

The Benefits of
Independent Consultancy

Independent security consultants have no allegiance to specific manufacturers, services and suppliers. As such, they can provide cost-effective and unbiased advice security agency solution that is bespoke to customer needs.

Our security consultants fully comply with BS 8549:2016, relating to the effective provision of contracted security consultancy services. We specialist industrial and commercial building security consultants, taking security risk management extremely seriously.

Security Risk Management and Assessment

As an experienced risk management consultant Dobson Owens understand the fundamental principles that underpin every security risk assessment. The full or partial site risk assessment service will evaluate the effectiveness of existing security systems and processes, then via our risk management consultant we develop recommendations to produce an optimally configured security risk management programme, that is both in keeping with our client’s objectives and company values. This will include optimising existing security resources in order to achieve the greatest security risk mitigation at the most economical cost.

Where relevant, compliance with legislative requirements or industry standards is also analysed from a security risk management & assessment services perspective.

Ensuring high security standards

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If you would like to know more about any of our services or policies, please get in touch using the contact form or on 0191 3750073.

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